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Privacy Declaration
Statement for Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights
1. When joining your membership, you are required by TEEMA website to fill in    some personal information such as age, gender, occupation and email address etc. The purpose of which is to provide better services after having additional details of the member. However, such information is strictly forbidden to be used privately by the staff in order to protect your/your company rights.
2 More stringent standards than the Computer Processed Personal Information Protection Laws of the Republic of China are applied for your/your company information registered or recorded. Unless otherwise authorized by the users, the disclosure and selling of any personal information of the user to the third party is strictly forbidden.
3. The personal information of the members is closely protected. Other than the members service center that is allowed for the maintenance rights, all other external parties are unable to access to those information.
4. We are authorized by your company after registration as members that you guarantee that your application details could be accessed. This website is not responsible for any legal disputes derived from the fraudulent registration that is not authorized by your company.
5. This privacy statement is effective from the registration date of the user. In view that new services and contents will be launched continuously and to truly protect the privacy rights of the members, this website has the right to update at anytime this statement and will notify voluntarily the members all updated information.
6. After you/your company has completed the registration and become the member, all information provided will only be used for marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, or for the purpose of providing personalized or value-added services to the members. Members agree that TEEMA or its strategic partners shall record, archive, and utilize the information and the saved information or generated by the member in this website to disclose or use as statistic information under the condition that the relevant information shall not be disclosed in public.
Intellectual Property Rights Statement
1. All publications and information on the website, relevant copyrights, patents, trademarks, operation knowhow, other intellectual property rights, ownership or other rights, are all possessed by TEEMA or its original authors. Unless otherwise being legally authorized in advance by TEEMA or its owners, members shall not presumably replicate, transmit, rewrite, edit or utilize in any other format with any purpose or else members shall assume the relevant legal responsibilities.
2 Unless otherwise indicated, any party shall not utilize with commercial purposes the information provided by the platform to copy, duplicate, disclose, distribute, sell in any format, or to constitute directly or indirectly any kind of competition without the prior consent in writing by TEEMA or its copyright owner.
3. You/your company shall not delete or alter any copyright of the information or other announced statement rights through the platform.
4. All contents within the website including but not limiting the copyrights of text, images, audio-visual, software and programs. Unless otherwise indicated in particular, they are owned by TEEMA or to be used by the authorized copyright owners. Should TEEMA receives from one party that claims you/your company infringes the copyright, you/your company would be notified to delete the said infringed patent information. However, TEEMA shall have the right to delete directly the said information if you/your company are not to delete it immediately after receiving the notification.
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